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2017-2018 Streamline Winter Swim League

Details for the upcoming season are updated  below!

What is the Streamline Swim League?

The Streamline Swim League is designed for the competitive swimmer (ages 6-14) who would like to continue swimming during the winter months but does not want the time or financial commitment of a year round swim team.  In addition to 2 practices per week all swimmers will have the opportunity to compete in 2 “fun meets” throughout the season where individual improvement will be recognized in a fun and relaxed environment.   Streamline's coaches will focus on improving stroke technique and efficiency, teaching proper starts and turns, and building endurance in a "swim team practice" format.  Our goal is to help build performance and confidence for each individual athlete in all aspects of the competitive swimming environment


When does the season start?  Where are practices and fun meets held? 

The Streamline Swim League is a 5 month program beginning in early November and running through late March.  All regular practices (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday) will be held at the Morrisville Aquatic Center.  Both swim meets as well as a few additional Saturday "diving days" will be held at the Triangle Aquatic Center.

Are the swimmers grouped by age or ability?
All swimmers will be grouped by ability with some age consideration.  Below is a description of the four Streamline swimming groups.

The Tiger Sharks are our entry level swimming group.  This group is designed for swimmers age 6-9 who can swim freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke independently & nonstop for the entire length of a 25 yard pool.  The goals of the Tiger Shark group are to improve stroke technique in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, learn proper diving and backstroke starts, build swimmer endurance.

Minimum requirements for the Tiger Shark group:
4x25 freestyle with 30 seconds rest between laps.
4x25 backstroke with 30 seconds rest between laps.
Understanding of the basic breaststroke mechanics.
Must be able to tread water for 1 minute in the deep end of the pool.
Must be 6 by the start of the program (some exceptions based on skill and maturity).
Must be able to complete 400-600 yards in a 45 minute practice session.
At least one season of summer swim team experience is required.

Swimmers in the Mako group are generally 7-10 years of age and have either graduated from our Tiger Shark program or have the skills necessary to complete the requirements below.  Our goals for this group include improving stroke technique in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke as well as butterfly.   In addition to stroke drills, we will place a strong emphasis on building endurance and speed through the introduction of interval training.  We will continue to work on diving and backstroke starts and will introduce flips turns for freestyle.

Minimum requirements for the Mako group:
4x50 freestyle on 1:45 (complete swim within 1:15 with a 30 second rest, repeat x 4)
50 yards nonstop of both backstroke and breaststroke.
2x25 yards nonstop of butterfly.
Must be able to complete 700-1000 total yards in a 45 minute practice session.
At least 1-2 years of summer swim team experience is required.

The Hammerhead group is geared toward swimmers age 9-12 who have a solid foundation in the sport of swimming.  Swimmers in this group generally have 3+ years of summer swim team or other competitive swim team experience.  Hammerhead swimmers are comfortable swimming all 4 competitive strokes, have strong endurance and have a clear understanding of stroke drills, interval training and competitive swimming rules.  Our goal for the Hammerhead group is to build endurance and speed while continuously focusing on the technique of all competitive strokes, starts and turns. 

Minimum requirements for the Hammerhead group:  
6x50 freestyle on 1:30 (complete swim within 1:00 and rest for 30 seconds, repeat x 6).
50 yards nonstop of backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly..
Must be able to complete 1200-1500 yards in a 60 minute practice session.
At least 2-3 years of swim team experience is required.

This top Streamline swimming group is designed for swimmers who are ready to graduate from our Hammerhead program or who are coming to us with extensive summer or other year round swim team experience.  To be eligible for the Great Whites swimmers should be proficient (and legal) in all 4 competitive strokes and be able to complete the skill requirements below.  This group's main focus will be speed & endurance.  We will also continue working on stroke technique as well as starts, turns and finishes for all 4 competitive strokes.  Swimmers in this group are typically 10-14 and are serious about improving in all aspects of their sport.

Minimum requirements for the Great Whites:
6x50 freestyle on 1:20 (complete swim within :50 and rest for 30 seconds, repeat x 6)

Complete a legal 200 IM
Able to complete 1600-2000 yards in a 60 minute practice session.
Extensive swim team experience required.

What are the practice times and cost of the Swim League?  

Start Date - Sunday 11/5 

End Date - Sunday 3/25

Meets - Sunday 1/7 & Sunday 3/4


Group  Name          Age Range             November  - March                                 Cost  

Tiger Sharks



Sunday 8:15-9:05

Mon or Wed 4:30-5:15




Sunday 9:05-9:55
Mon or Wed 5:15-6:00




Sunday 10:00-11:00

Mon or Wed 6:00-7:00


Great Whites


Sunday 11:00-12:00

Mon or Wed 7:00-8:00


Additional Notes: 

 *Streamline will follow the Wake County School holiday break for Thanksgiving & Christmas

 * We will have a few additional Saturday "diving days" at TAC - dates TBD

 * Charges will be divided into 2 payments - 1st at time of registration, 2nd by October 22nd

 *Sibling discount - $40 off each additional sibling



                Can my child make up a missed practice?

Each child will be granted 2 make-up dates throughout the season.   Due to limited lane space all make-ups must be scheduled ahead of time with the coach.    If you are a Monday swimmer your make up will take place on a scheduled Wednesday practice and if you are a Wednesday swimmer your make up will take place on a scheduled Monday practice. 


When are the fun meets and does my child have to participate?

The fun meets are optional but all swimmers are encouraged to attend.  Awards will be given to all attendees to recognize individual participation and improvement.   This is a great opportunity for the kids to see how their swim times are improving.  Dates for our fun meets are tentatively set for Sunday January 7, 2018 and Sunday March 4, 2018 at TAC. Dates may be subject to change due to USA swim meets being held at the facility.  Dates should be finalized by early Fall.

Do we need to purchase any equipment?

The only additional equipment that we are requiring swimmers to purchase is a set of training fins and a junior size kick board.  We do not require swimmers to purchase a team suit but all swimmers should have a racing style suit and goggles.  We will provide all registered swimmers with a Streamline swim cap on the first day of practice.   All swimmers are encouraged to use a swim cap particularly those with longer hair.  


 How do I register for the winter swim league?

Returning Winter League Families:

Returning Winter League swimmers and siblings will have priority registration from July 10th 

through July 25th and will be guaranteed spots if you register during that time.  Families who 

only participated in our spring clinics will need to register during our open enrollment period.

New Swimmers:

Open enrollment for new swimmers will begin at 9:00am on Tuesday August 1st.  All spots will be handed out on a first-come-first-serve basis.  We will not take early calls or emails and we will not have a waiting list for new swimmers prior to open enrollment.  Please be sure to read the following registration instructions carefully.

***To Register please send an email any time after 9:00am on Tuesday August 1st to streamlineswimschool13@gmail.com.  Groups will fill very quickly (sometimes in a matter of minutes).  However, to be fair to everyone, any emails received prior to 9:00am on the 1st will be disregarded.  Please include all of the following information in your email.  Missing information may result in a lost spot as we will move on to the next person until we have all of your registration information.

1. Swimmer name & DOB

2. Parent name, email and cell phone

3. Desired Group - Tiger Shark, Mako, Hammerhead, Great White

4  Day Preference - Sun/Mon, Sun/Wed or no preference

***Important note - after priority registration we have very limited space left in our Sun/Wed groups for Mako, Hammerhead and Great Whites. 

5.  Assessment date that you will be attending - see dates & times below

We will respond as quickly as possible with your registration status.  If you have a spot we will forward you a registration form that must be mailed back with a 50% deposit within 2 weeks of your registration date in order to secure your spot.  Your spot will then be held in the group of your choice pending assessments.  Please keep in mind that no early e-mails will be honored and all spots will be given out on a first come first serve basis starting on August 1st.   Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Assessments -  All new swimmers must attend an assessment date in order to secure their spot. Assuming that your registration and deposit have been received, we will hold your spot pending your child's assessments.  Please keep in mind that coaches may make group changes based on your swimmers performance and skill level.  

Assessment Dates (Morrisville Aquatic Center):

Tuesday 8/22  OR  Thursday 8/24 

Tiger Sharks - 5:00

Makos - 5:30

Hammerheads - 6:00

Great Whites - 6:30






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